PhPress is an application suite based upon PHP/MySQL, designed to manage, in a standalone or a fast-ethernet context, the creation, the handling and the analysis of a documentary corpus of archived daily newspapers.

It was specially created for History of Daily Press.

The essential PhPress functionnalities are :

- a system to help you to scan newspapers pages from a microfilm roll or from original papers, to organize the pages, to convert them into PNG or JPG format and to backup your work.

- a system to quickly find and display the documents related to a calendar date.

- an analysis system, which let you select articles in the newspaper page, tag them with informations about their content (what happened, where...), and automatically calculate their relative surface area. This analysis system was inspirated by the works of Jacques Kayser, who created at the end of the 1960's a daily papers analysis method for Political Sciences.

- some tools to handle, edit, display, count the pages and articles.

- some administration tools, for system maintenance, backup, user's privileges,...

PhPress is still under developpement. Don't expect it to work perfectly, and don't expect it to be useful for anything else than daily newspapers analysis. It is an experimental and complicated software, created for scientific purpose. We provide no warranty and no technical support. PhPress is a free software under GPL Licence.

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